IT strategy for Small to Mid-sized Business
Let’s Make Things Better!
“Problems I got, its solutions I need” –every CEO
Make Technology and IT work for your business!
Is the IT house in order?

Improving the Infrastructure

Improve the Experience while Protecting the Investment
You should also consider :
  • Implementation is about doing things that the business cares about. 
  • Capacity Planning means having solid budget control and forecasting
  • Have proper Project Management in place
  • Systems are meant to drive behavior, not dictate process.  Establish a process that best gets the job done.  Then modify or change the systems to support the desired process.  If there is no way for the system to support the desired process, start looking for a new system.
  • Constant Fire-fighting is the sign of a poorly operating department. 
  • The Production environment is sacred.  It can never be compromised. 
You should come in on Monday seeing everything the way you left it on Friday.
When something does happen, spend a little more time to either prevent it from happening it again or eliminating to scenario entirely. 

Many people spend too much time looking at what happened - you need to be looking at what is going to happen!
High Growth does not have to mean big problems!

Dealing with Growth

Bringing the correct technology and services to bear can prevent the need to increase headcount to cover scalability issues. 
You should also consider adding key components of success, such as:
  • Creating KPI reports and encouraging transparency
  • Speed & Momentum breeds more success than harm
  • Find and eliminate your Single Points of Failure.
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes
  • Leverage all your resources
  • Integration and Automation bring value to the bottom line
  • Manage your vendors
  • Think Lean
Good projects save the company money, great project generate revenue.   Let's focus on creating value.
Strategy should maintain alignment with corporate goals every step of the way.  Constant communication is required to stay on the same page.