IT strategy for Small to Mid-sized Business

Security Assessment




A comprehensive review of all aspect of security.
  1. Network
    A properly designed and implemented network can go a long way to secure not only your data, but your employees. Local, Wide Area, and Data Center equipment should all be designed and monitored for security.
  2. Email
    With so many virus and ransomware payloads being delivered via email, its important to have a comprehensive defense.
  3. Mobile & BYOD
    Think mobile is immune from viral impacts? Think again! In addition to smart phones, employees will bring all sorts of equipment into the office, even a wireless access point! Are you prepared?
  4. Social Engineering
    No matter how good all these other topics are addressed, it can all come tumbling down if an employee unwittingly gives the keys to the kingdom to a bad actor. It's not enough for you to be ready, everyone has to be educated and aware.
  5. Facilities
    Can anyone access your servers? Well, how about your wireless? Do you check those logs? What about On-boarding and Off-boarding, which trigger more audit alerts than any other single IT process?
  6. Data Protection
    From Personal Information, and Credit Card data to data encryption, we can assist in putting the proper processes and technologies in place. And yes, even though its a Mac, it needs Anti Virus protection!